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When people find out what I do, I get a constant barrage of questions about how they can get in on the game too. I'm not stingy with my answers. I have no problem helping others. But, with so many different affiliate programs out there, which one do I recommend? Obviously I don't have time to teach everyone else how to make money online, but there are many packages that can teach you how to make money as an affiliate marketer. 

Most people need to start somewhere and a learning package, that teaches you how to get started, is the best solution. The problem is, with such a wide range in quality with these programs, choosing one that actually works becomes difficult. To start let's just talk about what an affiliate marketing training program is and is not.

First, a package, that teaches you how to make money online as an affiliate, is NOT a get rich quick scheme. Many of these sites shout it out loudly that you will be making fifty grand per month in just two months. Although it's possible, it's also highly unlikely; so don't go into this looking to get rich tomorrow.

Second, NOT everyone needs an affiliate marketing training package. If you already own a web site that gets 3 to 5 thousand visitors a day then you can just sign up for one of the affiliate networks and start advertising products. 

Third, affiliate marketing IS an excellent way to make money without ever having to worry about product, inventory, or logistics. An affiliate learning package will teach you how to get started with your online business and if you learn it well it really can teach you how to leave that day-job behind

Fourth, if you don't take the time to choose the right learning package then you're never going to make anything anyway. These markets are constantly changing and you need to choose a program that fits with today. Doing anything else will just be a waste of your hard-earned cash.

To help you out, along with a few newer marketers, we worked to evaluate the top-four affiliate training programs on the Internet today. We based our evaluations on the following criteria. 

  • Affiliate Money - Obviously our main goal with any affiliate program is to make money. The main criteria we used was how much money we could make with the program in a one month period. 
  • Complexity - We want our affiliate programs to be simple to implement. Those that required high levels of technical knowledge ranked much lower. 
  • How-to Advice - From the last criteria we ranked programs that walked us step-by-step through the process of earning money online much higher than those that didn't. 
  • Completeness - If the program recommended things like AdWords, did it actually teach how to setup the AdWords account?
  • Ease of Learning and Time to Implement - A good affiliate program should be simple to learn and take only a short amount of time to get running. Most people starting out with affiliate marketing can deal with an hour a day, and a good program shouldn't take longer than that to implement or monitor.
  • Ease of Use - All of the above criteria were grouped into the rating ease-of-use. We want our affiliate programs to be so easy that even an idiot could make money with them
  • Cost Involved - The best affiliate programs teach you how to make money without putting a bunch of your own money on the line. The programs that made our top five only required a web site (less than $20), and one didn't even require that. 
  • Overall Rating - From all of the criteria we gave each program an overall rating. 
To evaluate each affiliate marketing training package we took each program and implemented the strategies that it taught. To ensure fair testing I didn't just test them myself. I tested each one, and also gave the program to a relative newcomer to test as well.

Results were gauged by both my ability to make money with the program, and one of my friends ability to make money with it (a good learning package should teach both experienced affiliates and newcomers how to makes cash). We tested each program for a full month after implementing the ideas we were learned.

Below you will find our results for the top five affiliate programs available right now. The clear winner was Millionaire Society , but the others on our list didn't do too badly. All of the top five worked to create income. If you need any help selecting the right package to start with please feel free to email me (

Also be sure to contact me (email above) once you are making money as an affiliate marketer. Selling online has made me a pile of money, and I love to hear from others who are also working to improve their lifestyle.

To Making Money the Easy Way,

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Money make list



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Niche Profit Classroom

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2. SFI

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3. Rated Site for 2012

With all of the programs we tested, Millionaire Society was the clear winner. This one program is laid out better, made us more money, and was better overall than any other money-making program on our list. They call it Millionaire Society - The Club, and this is one club I am going to stay a part of for my own affiliate programs.

Like most affiliate packages, Millionaire Society teaches you how to make money by promoting other people's products. Really though, that's where the similarities to other programs end. Millionaire Societyis a completely automated system that allows you to basically sign up and then start making money.

With your signup to this one you get complete step-by-step videos that walk you through everything. Blueprints on how to get started, and access to the members area of the club itself. Most of the time I would say that members areas aren't worth much, but in this case it actually was.

We were able to get help when we needed it, and Mack (the self-made millionaire who created this program) is actually interested in helping you to make money.

For ease of learning, simplicity, and money making potential we are giving this one the award for being the best program available right now. I made a pile of money in the two months I ran this program, and my friend who tried it made close to $3100 in just the first month.

August Update: At this time Millionaire Society is available for the price of only $97. This is a limited-time offer and I have been told that the price will soon return to its original price of $197. My suggestion is that you take advantage of this one, and get in on this exclusive club, at the reduced price, while you still can!

In Summary: For ease of implementation, and the best ideas for making money online we are highly recommending Millionaire Society. This one really is an exclusive club and those who join can expect to make a pile of money!

BuildTraffic Internet Marketing

Rating 7.0/10

Highly Recommended

4. Salehoo Wholesale

In fourth place we have Salehoo Wholesale & Dropship Directory 

Find Your Perfect Product and Supplier in Minutes!

SaleHoo is a powerful research tool, supplier directory, and online community for dropshippers, wholesalers, and e-commerce stores.

Find the support, training and community you need to be successful — all in one place.

Access dozens of free online sales lessons Get answers to your questions in 50 detailed guides and videos.

You can learn more about selling on eBay and Amazon, dropshipping, starting your own store, importing and shipping, sourcing products, setting up your business, and avoiding scams— all for free and in one place.

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Get Paid To Use Facebook, Twitter And Youtube

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Also Recommended

5. Passive Profit Pages

Taking fifth place we have a program called Passive Profit Pages.

Passive Profit Pages online money making is a famous page builder designed to help you create websites for affiliate marketing.

Passive Profit Pages online money making is becoming popular day by day.

The one thing lacking in most of the affiliate marketing aspirants is traffic and good quality content.

When you give in the affiliate links and the niche you want, Passive Profit Pages will create five websites for you.

Passive Profit Pages online money making is for anyone looking for effective ways to make money online.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way of earning online.

The best part is that you don’t need to possess specific skills or special equipment to succeed here.

If you know how to operate your laptop, you are good to go.

If you are looking for a program that does not require huge investments, Passive Profit Pages is the one.

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This is truly a life changing opportunity! Do not blow it!

Where to go from here? Use the link below to to start making money with our top pick, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  

<< Click here to Get Our Top Pick for 2012 - >>

To Making Money the Easy Way,

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Money make list

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