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Solar stirling plant



Smart Solar Box

#1 Rated Alternative Energy Site for

The clear winner from our evaluations was The Smart Solar Box.
Dead visionary reveals Solar Industry's most guarded secret!

The good news is that there's no danger whatsoever behind this system.
Anyone can have their own money-saving device properly installed in less than 4 hours... and it can cut your electricity bill by 68% or more, starting today...

You need to move fast on this one, because we simply don't know for how long this website is going to stay up.

Solar panel technology has already changed the face of the modern world... and it can do it one more time...
This time in a cost effective-way right in your back-yard.

People need to hear about this amazing device - so they can break free from Big Energy, and stop paying for electricity that should be available to everyone.

This is so simple and easy to build, you'll kick yourself for not taking up Smart Solar Box earlier.

Get the blueprints today... and put them to the test. See how easy it is to make your own electricity with the Smart Solar Box.
Watch as your power meter slows down the moment you plug your system in. And see what it's like to slash your electric bill by 50%... 75% or more... by the end of the month.

As we speak this video has become viral and has taken the energy world by storm.

A stubborn old man (Harold T.) discovered quite by accident how to power-up his house with solar energy for less than $98... For LIFE!

Unfortunately he passed before seeing his great achievement tearing down the energy Ring.

But you can see it right here:

Smart Solar Box

Harold discovered a crazy way to tweak
a solar system with incredible results.
and harvest the sun's power the cheap way.

Actually... 200 times cheaper than any classic array!

All came down to him back in 2014 during the Wisconsin blizzard... and this invention saved many lives.

Its all right here: Smart Solar Box

The news is spreading like wildfire. Tv reporters
are trying to find who this guy is... and get
a statement... but his son preferred to expose
everything only here on this:

Electricity Freedom


Highly Recommended

2. Electricity Freedom System

The Electricity Freedom System is a step-by-step guide showing you EXACTLY how to create your own "home power plant" TODAY… slashing your electric and gas bill in the next 30 days… 

As you already know, this system was specifically designed so that ANYONE with one hand can build it – even if you have difficulty plugging your charger into a cell phone.

In fact, you’ll be shocked by how few steps there actually are…

And how short the list of materials you need to build this is.

In just 10 years from now, having this system in your home could have saved you
at least $14,000… probably closer to $24,000.

And on top of all of that…
The Electricity Freedom System is virtually maintenance free.

Ultimately, this is about taking action TODAY…

So that you never have to worry about your gas or electric bills for as long as you live.

Because once you’ve taken 3 hours to build out this system… it won’t matter if the grid collapses… electric prices surge… there’s a natural gas shortage… or oil prices skyrocket…

If you have grass or leaves in your yard… or you can buy hay somewhere in town… or even if one single person in your town leaves their grass clippings on the curb after they mow their lawn…

You will be insulated from energy costs for as long as you live.

72,655 honest and deserving families have already made the investment in the Electricity Freedom System.

If you act today, and only while this website is still available…
You’re going to get the entire
Electricity Freedom System for a significant discounted investment price today…

Diy Dish System



Highly Recommended

3. Diy Dish System

In third place we have Diy Dish System. Overall this package is worth the money you spend to get it, but it just isn't written as well as our top two picks.

This 52-years-old man from New Jersey discovered
how to destroy your electricity bills.

The beauty is that with a small trick you can power your home for 21 hours or more.

Rumors say that the inventor was about to get killed for this secret as some bad guys wanted to steal his invention and become rich.

Fortunately, he managed to escape and he's revealing his story in the video.

From what I heard this video can be taken down by the end of this day... so I advise you to watch it now right here.

The DIY Dish System is the result of considerable expertise in the energy field... and the contributions of 2 brilliant engineers.

And beyond all the technical innovations that have gone into making this simple and easy to use system...

You also need to understand that this is about more than just energy...

It's about keeping your family safe.

You will NEVER have to pay such high bills to the greedy electric companies again.
The DIY Dish System is a step-by-step guide showing you EXACTLY how to create your own "home power plant" TODAY...
cutting down up to 60% or even more on your electric bill in the next 30 days...


Energy 2 Green


Also Recommended

4. Energy 2 Green

The fourth product on our list is Energy 2 Green. This one isn't a bad product, but it didn't fair as well as the first two on our list. I think that this one failed mostly because of the way things are explained. 

Energy 2 Green uses the same types of parts, and suggests some of the same methods to build, but they don't explain how to put it together as well. Eventually we did get it all together, and it worked but it wasn't simple. 

When we used this one to convert a home I helped my friend get started, and then he worked to build more of the solar panels we required. He ended up having to buy extra parts to make them work, and the power generated in the end didn't quite match that of the first two. 

All in all this one isn't bad. The home did get converted, and it is generating enough power to run the entire home, but simply for easy of learning I would recommend the first two learning packages before Energy 2 Green.

Diy Sanctuary



Also Recommended

5. Diy Sanctuary

Taking fifth place we have Diy Sanctuary.

25 Essential DIY Projects for
Self-Sufficient Living

"Survival Sanctuary" is a guide for anyone concerned about their wellbeing.

Packed full of beginner-friendly DIYs to support your self-reliance.
Made from easily salvaged, simple to assemble parts. No special tools needed.
Showing you: how to build a root cellar or bunker from scratch; assemble a wind turbine from junk,
passively collect, store and purify hundreds of gallons of fresh water;
set up a low-space, high-yield farm, and even build a radio from scrap, like pencils and paperclips.

How to DIY A Low-cost Wind Turbine
That needs only a gentle breeze to output 100 watts. Or charge batteries non-stop.
Build A Fuel Generator from Improvised from Car Parts
One that can fit almost any fuel type.
Even in an OPEC-like oil fuel crisis.
A Water Wheel That Powers Homes 24/7
Perfect for when there's no sun, wind, or other energy sources available.

The list goes on!

BONUS #1: The Shoe Box Garden
BONUS #2: My American Castle
BONUS #3: The Home Energy Rescue Plan

Simply secure your copy and become an honorary 'Survival Sanctuary' member today .

Click Here to convert your home




Where to go from here? Use the link below to to start learning going green with
our top pick
, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  

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