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Dallas Thompson (PPC Expert)
Affiliate Marketer who has made his Fortune with PPC  Software

I know what it takes to make money online, and more importantly I know how to watch what others are doing to increase my own bank roll. A good PPC  Tool may be all you need to take your online business from zero to hero in no time at all. As a top affiliate marketer I know what makes a good Pay-per-click Tool

Whenever you market anything online it's the guy that gets the traffic that wins. It isn't a secret, there's no rocket science behind it, it's just true. You could have the most well-developed site on the planet and if nobody is visiting it, well it doesn't matter anyway. For most online businesses pay-per-click advertising is the method of choice to drive visitors. 

Unfortunately, PPC is complicated and it can become costly for beginners to the game. A PPC  Tool will watch what others in your market are doing and then give you that information so that you can improve upon their results. With so many PPC  Tools out there choosing the right one can be difficult. 
ith that, let's just start by covering what a PPC program is and is not.

First, a PPC  Tool is NOT really a method for spying on your competitors. What it does do is allow you to see which keywords they are making money with, and in turn use that information to make money yourself.

Second, NOT everyone will need a PPC .Tool If you don't make use of pay-per-click advertising then you will just be wasting your time and money. 

Third, a PPC  Tool IS an excellent way to gain an advantage with your online marketing. Finding keywords that really bring customers (instead of just visitors) is hard. This simple piece of software makes earning money simple Using a PPC Spy you'll guarantee that the traffic you pay for is quality traffic -  that will make you sales!

Fourth, if you don't take the time to choose the right PPC Tool then you shouldn't bother at all. A poorly designed PPC  Tool will actually make your campaign worse. The last thing you need is to end up spending more money without any results. 

To sort the junk from the real products on the market, along with a few friends, I took the time to evaluate the top PPC  programs on the market. We based our evaluations on the following criteria. 

  • PPC  -Tools Obviously our main rating was based on how well the PPC  Tool did what it was designed to do. That is get: keyword data, keyword cost statistics, traffic volumes, and more from our competitors campaigns. 
  • Ease of Learning - Most of these tools have a slight learning curve. The easier it was to learn, the higher we rated it. 
  • Ease of Installation - Many PPC  Tools are intended to be installed with your site. If that was the case, how easy was it to install?
  • Ease of Use - Once we got the software running how simple was getting the data we needed?
  • Automation - The best PPC  software is automated so that you can just set it up and then leave it alone. Higher marks were given to the tools we didn't have to adjust all the time.
  • Value of the Data - Some PPC  Tools perform better than others. Was the data that the program gave us worth something?
  • Sales Made after Using - We didn't just evaluate these tools with new ad campaigns. We also used them with existing campaigns. Did the tool actually help us make more sales than we already were by suggesting better keywords, different bid structures, etc?
  • Over-all Rating - Based on everything above, how did the PPC Spy rate overall?
To test each tool we used the tool for two ad campaigns over a period of time. All of those who were involved in testing run 20 - 30 ad campaigns at any given time (for the purposes of affiliate marketing). There were three of us, and each of us tested the tools over a 1 month period. Below you will find our results for the top five PPC Tools on the market today.

The results shown are pretty self-explanatory,
and Pay-per-click Academy was obviously the clear winner

To Making Money Online - The Easy Way,


Rating 9.9/10

#1 Rated PPC Spy for

The clear winner from our tests was Pay-per-click Academy.
Pay-per-click Academy - Training,tools Plus Support!
Number 1 Training Center For Making Money Via Adwords, Yahoo, Msn & Facebook! Step-by-step Video Lessons,
Tools And One-on-one Coaching To Guarantee Your Success!
There are literally thousands or millions of people looking to buy your products or services EVERY DAY! With our help we will make sure that you or your product or services are seen by these people.

You see, if done right PPC can multiply your business many folds! We have documented success stories from thousands of PPC users who have used the power of PPC to dramatically increase their business and income almost overnight!

But done wrong it can leave you thousands of dollars in credit card debts. But don’t worry. See, we created PPC Academy for people like you who want to increase their income and business using PPC but may not have any idea how to get started the right way.

 You get access to there private tools and softwares to automate your online business letting you do more in less time!

Keyword research tools that uncovers the most profitable keywords and niches!
Competitor analysis tool - allows you to spy on your competitors and see what keywords and campaigns they are using
Local Keyword Tool – Powerful tool to dominate your local presence!
Typo Keyword Tool – lets you get thousands of cheap clicks with common misspelled keywords
Keyword list and editing tools – lets you easily edit and organize your set of keywords that can save you hours by doing manually
PPC ROI Calculator – Tool to help you see your return of investment with PPC. It can also be used to see the maximum amount you can bid in order to still see profits.

PPC is how Google makes money and the reason why Google is a billion dollar company.

PPC is the bridge that can help you achieve your financial goals and dreams.

It worked for thousands of others before, with there help you would make sure that it would work for you too!

you know the importance of PPC and what it can do for your marketing and business.

If you want to stop treating your business as a hobby and finally learn the skill that will bring you the financial freedom you’ve been seeking for so long,

Then join PPC Academy right now!

Simple Traffic Solutions

Rating 9.1/10



Highly Recommended  (Not Pay Per Click)

2.Simple Traffic Solutions

BANNED. Ex Factory Worker Gets Slapped By Google Only to Discover The Ultimate Free Traffic Source That Brings in up to 16,364 Targeted Visitors Per Day

Constantly looking out for the next new solution to drive traffic to my business. Tirelessly seeking out the secrets to massive traffic and the ways to build a successful business!

The truth is, there is no magic formula, there are no secret recipes to gaining massive traffic. Don’t be fooled by claims of hidden traffic riches or the next phoney traffic technique that is sure to land your business in trouble. The bottom line is…

You need a traffic system that is PROVEN to work!

Turnkey Advertising Business

Rating 7.0/10


Also Recommended

3. Turnkey Advertising Business

You just want a simple but profitable business of your own - one that will reward you properly for your efforts - then consider this new Web App...

You Giveaway Free Ads to your visitors, and some of those people will pay you for various add-ons.

Free or paid, every advertiser sends some visitors to activate their Ads, generating hands-free traffic to your website.
Stop Paying For Advertising And Start Selling It!
Brand New: The Plug-n-Play Viral AdBoards Let You Launch A Profitable Advertising Business

This is an extremely simple business model that ANYONE can have up and running TODAY.

It takes just a few minutes to create and configure your first AdBoard. Get that launched, send some traffic and you'll see for yourself just how intuitive and powerful this system is...

Then double your profit-potential as easily as creating another AdBoard.
Pick another niche that interests you and create an AdBoard for that...
Then maybe try a generic one for your local region, like a digital community noticeboard?
If that works try something more specific for your local attractions, restaurants or accommodation?
How about one for every affiliate program you've never had time to promote?
And all those Viral programs that promise so much if you could only find the time to sign a few people up...

Your AdCardz business has been designed to be simple to use, extremely versatile and totally scalable.

Advertise & Expand YOUR Business Now!

You give away free Ads, some of those people will pay you for Add-Ons,
and either way you generate hands-free traffic and build your list.

Secrets Of The Big Dogs.




Also Recommended

4. Secrets Of The Big Dogs.

Traffic Problem?  NEVER AGAIN!

He teach you how to generate a steady supply of up to FIVE MILLION (yeah, baby, that's 5,000,000!) quality, targeted prospects every month!

Let's Face Facts!!!
Marketing on the Internet IS a relatively easy way to earn a reasonable supplemental income!

"The ebook that is the most exciting, innovative concept to be introduced to the Internet marketing world in this century!"
The techniques of "Secrets of the BIG Dogs!" are simple enough for the newest of "newbies," yet powerful and sophisticated enough for the seasoned professional.  "Secrets of the BIG Dogs!" is going to take you by the hand, every step of the way, and show you how to.

Internet success is simple:
To make money like a guru you have to advertise like a guru.  PERIOD!

Discover the methods the Big Boys use to get a veritable HURRICANE of Tier I premium traffic - traffic that has been tested, vetted, and hand-picked to produce signups and sales - NOT just "clicks!"

The TRUTH is that even a rank beginner CAN be successful IF they have a systematic game-plan to follow and strong company support to back them up.  "Secrets of the BIG Dogs!" takes you by the hand, and - using there proven, easy-to-understand, step-by-step system - shows you exactly WHAT to do, WHEN to do it, and HOW to do it.

See why we say that "Secrets of the BIG Dogs!" is the most innovative concept to be introduced to the Internet marketing world in this century!?

Click Here to buy BIG Dogs

Keyword Researcher - SEO Software

Rating 6.9/10



Also Recommended

5. Keyword Researcher - SEO Software

A Software Application That Helps You Discover Long Tail Keywords. Organize Your Keywords.
Import Csv Files From The Google Keyword Tool. Write Web Content.
And, Plan A Web-content Strategy For Your Website. Watch Our Video Now!

Use "Keyword Researcher" to discover high-value Long-Tail Keywords from Google AutoComplete, Organize CSV files from the Google Keyword Planner, and write SEO-Optimized Articles for your website.

If you've ever spent five minutes trying to sort keyword data in Microsoft Excel, then you know how difficult working with large keyword lists can be!

Keyword Researcher can turn a list of thousands of keywords, into an actionable SEO Strategy.

They designed it to make the entire SEO process flow smoothly--from keyword generation, to content publishing, and all the steps in between.

Get the free trial version today!




Where to go from here? Use the link below to to start spying on your competitors ad campaigns with our top pick, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  

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